Install or Repair Your Foam Roof in the Molena & Newnan, GA Area

Protect your roof from leaks and water damage with our foam roofing

Foam roofing works as a waterproof barrier against rain and runoff. Get in touch with Falcon Roofing Systems LLC to request a new foam roof or repairs on your existing roof. Our fabric system is a polymer similar to the material used in bulletproof vests. This helps it withstand hail and snow.

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Discover the benefits of commercial foam roofing

Discover the benefits of commercial foam roofing

Nobody can work with moisture seeping through their ceiling. Commercial foam roofing bonds seamlessly around pipes and vents sticking out of the roof, resulting in highly effective leak protection. You won't have to worry about any water getting in. Foam roofing is incredibly energy-efficient. One inch of foam increases your energy efficiency by 64%, while two inches raises your energy efficiency by 94%.

This type of roof is great for insulation. Also, we'll make sure the slope is right so water runs off instead of pooling on your roof.

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