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Improve your roof with our metal roof restoration in Molena & Newnan, GA

Don't let your metal roof fall into disrepair. Get in touch with Falcon Roofing Systems LLC when you need a metal roof restoration. We'll evaluate the current condition of your metal roof and determine the best solution for your roofing problems.

When exposed to a lot of oxygen, your metal roof can rust. We'll use a strong cleaner to deoxidize the rust and clean it all off. Then, we'll pressure wash your roof to get rid of grit and grime. The primer we put on your roof cuts off oxygen so that rust doesn't occur.

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Preserve your roof with our roof restoration coating

Preserve your roof with our roof restoration coating

Save money by restoring your commercial roof coating. When it comes to roof restoration, coating your metal roof with spray-on roof coating is the way to go. Our roof coatings are efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly.

We'll layer fabric onto your roof on all the seams. Once we're done, we'll go over each screwhead with our acrylic caulking compound so they don't crack or break. After we put on a final top coat, we'll let your roof dry and be done.

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